Rachel Crothers: Playwright from Bloomington, Illinois

Exhibit designed and curated by Holly Peterson


This exhibit focuses on Rachel Crothers, a prolific early 20th century playwright from Bloomington, Illinois. She dedicated her life to theatre from a young age and along with her numerous productions, also paved the way for a more inclusive dramatic community. Of her craft, Crothers once stated, “The stage reflects life, it doesn’t invent it” (1). Her portrayal of women taking non-traditional paths through life reflects her own journey.  

(1) Rachel Crothers, “The Construction of a Play,” in The Art of Playwriting: Lectures Delivered at the University of Pennsylvania on the Mask and Wig Foundation (Philidelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1928), 132, http://archive.org/details/artofplaywriting00unse.

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Early Life
Impact and Legacy

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