International Asteroid Day


This virtual exhibit offers an introduction to International Asteroid Day, a global holiday to raise awareness about asteroids and the potential hazards of asteroid impacts with Earth.  Students, beginner researchers, and interested members of the public will find helpful introductory information as well as guidance on government resources related to asteroids and International Asteroid Day. 

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Asteroid Vesta, taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft.

Tunguska Impact Site

What is International Asteroid Day?

International Asteroid Day (celebrated annually on June 30th) is a global holiday first co-founded by prominent scientists and other interested parties and recognized by the United Nations in 2016.  Its primary goal is to raise awareness and public support for efforts to study asteroids and design impact prevention strategies.  Organizers selected June 30th in remembrance of the Siberian Tugunska event, a 1908 meteroid explosion in Russia's Eastern Siberian Taiga which caused damage across 830 square miles.  The Tugunska event was the largest impact event in recorded history.


UN Resolution Declaring International Asteroid Day

UN Resolution Declaring International Asteroid Day

Near-Earth Objects and Planetary Defense

Informational brochure from the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs

UN International Asteroid Day Webpage

The UN webpage offers additional background information as well as relevant documents and related links.

Website dedicated to International Asteroid Day.  Offers historical context, guidance to locating local and virtual Asteroid Day events, and "Asteroid Day TV," streaming relevant content in the days leading up to June 30.

Asteroid Day 100x Declaration

The text of the original 2014 declaration, co-signers, and history from  The declaration founds International Asteroid Day and commits to increased asteroid discovery and public awareness efforts.

UIUC Astronomy Research Resources

A library guide from UIUC for Astronomy Research resources, including sources for related US government documents.